About us

Opensound is a music publishing label created by artists and technicians with extensive experience in the field of music for images.

Our passion for music, many years of experience and the availability of a recording studio have, over time, allowed us to create a network of musicians who share our values and artistic choices.

Two continuously expanding libraries

This synergy has led to the creation of two constantly expanding libraries, Opensound and Opensound Vintage. The latter, in particular, is the result of the search and acquisition of a precious and original Italian repertoire from the ‘50s to the ‘90s. Our music is used in soundtracks for films, documentaries, series and television programs.

This is our main library, where you can find over 4000 songs.

This library consists of a vast repertoire of Italian songs produced between the ‘50s and ‘90s.

The Opensound libraries are dedicated to directors, editors and producers to fit all of their needs. Moreover our team is always ready to compose original scores or make different versions of existing music. Our technical and musical skills allow us to help customers in many ways, from choosing the music to its synchronization with the moving image.

Opensound’s artistic creativity and the originality of its projects make it one of the most innovative labels in its field.