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Light Arpeggios
Light Arpeggios, 2021
Guitar arpeggios in the foreground and a light rhythm in the background. Soft and warm tracks, well suited for... happy and serene moments outdoors or with the family.
Medical Research
Medical Research, 2020
Scientific research in the medical field: minimalist and descriptive tracks for studies under a microscope,... laboratory analyses and life on the ward.
Sci-Fi Horror
Sci-Fi Horror, 2020
Sci-Fi and horror at the turn of the ‘80s and ‘90s: some scientific experiments can produce terrifying... results! Electronic tracks with a strong retro sound, composed for paranormal or futuristic settings.
Dystopia Reloaded
Dystopia Reloaded, 2020
Menacing landscapes, abandoned cities and retro-futuristic visions. Expansive tracks with dark, electronic... sounds narrating a frightening post-apocalyptic future: science fiction, space travel and imminent yet unknown... dangers.
Drawn in Blue
Drawn in Blue, 2020
Atmospheres, fascination, feelings. Pop-ambient style songs, with '80s and '90s influences featuring a warm... male voice, in an intimate and moving collection, colored in blue.
Nostalgic Melodies
Nostalgic Melodies, 2020
Evocative and nostalgic melodies. Intense feelings are conjured by the elegance of the piano and the folk... sound of the accordion within a suspended and romantic atmosphere.
Cineorchestral Epic - Adventures
Cineorchestral Epic - Adventures, 2020
New lands to explore, heroic battles and exciting discoveries. Cinematic orchestral tracks with an epic and... solemn atmosphere.
Historical Fiction
Historical Fiction, 2020
Drama, action and feelings in the folds of history. A varied collection of tracks for strings and orchestra... suitable for documentaries, fiction and docu-fiction in costume.
Happy Fab
Happy Fab, 2020
13 instrumental tracks inspired by the Fab Four’s early albums. 1960s pop-rock style featuring the... harmonica, for a happy and carefree album.
Glam Hour
Glam Hour, 2020
Glamorous evenings with happy hour drinks. A collection of sophisticated jazz-lounge tracks with Latin and... Caribbean influences.
Old Time Jam
Old Time Jam, 2020
Old Time Jam captures the feeling of friends casually playing familiar songs and tunes together with banjo,... guitar, mandolin, and other traditional Old Time and Bluegrass instruments.
Pasion Tango
Pasion Tango, 2020
Tangos and milongas. The passion, intensity and emotion of popular Argentinian dances in a miscellaneous... collection of tracks inspired by both traditional and modern tangos.