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Slow Movements
Slow Movements, 2024
Downtempo tracks for rarefied, contemplative, dreaming, mysterious and suspended atmospheres.
Beats and Streets
Beats and Streets, 2024
Immersive soundtracks for a fascinating electronic journey through urban landscapes.
Out of Jazz
Out of Jazz, 2024
An unusual Jazz quartet led by a flute whose melodies and improvisations escape stylistic norms.
Naturally, 2024
Serene, positive, descriptive. A collection of both dynamic and static tracks which facilitate relaxation... while walking in natural environments.
Mondes interieurs
Mondes interieurs, 2023
A fascinating collection of tracks describing inner feelings, different states of mind, as well as hopes and... dreams.
Daily Voices
Daily Voices, 2023
A collection of tracks sung by a female voice, evoking intimate and thoughtful atmospheres to feelings of... passionate strength.
Remembering, 2023
Evoking both nostalgic and serene feelings, a solo piano conjures a world of memories and emotions.
Suburban Life
Suburban Life, 2023
Urban environment. Investigative, suspended, nocturnal situations in a collection of both Downtempo and... dynamic tracks, in the style of drum'n'bass, electronics and TV series scores.
Social Gathering
Social Gathering, 2023
Serene and relaxed melodies and atmospheres, for fun and pleasant social gatherings.
Twilight, 2023
Refined, magic, oniric atmospheres. A rarefied piano, sometimes backed by strings and other instruments,... describes uncontaminated spaces while telling a deeply intimate story.
Big Creatures
Big Creatures, 2023
The magnificence of big animals in Nature. Wide, emotional and epic tracks for wonderfully large creatures.
Romance and Love
Romance and Love, 2023
Romantic, sentimental, intense themes. The perfect soundtrack for a love story.