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Sail the World
Sail the World, 2020
Sailing, flying, exploring. A voyage into World-Fusion atmospheres, discovering vast landscapes and probing... the depths of human cultures.
Gypsy Jazz
Gypsy Jazz, 2020
Guitars, accordion and lively dances. A tribute to the folk-inspired jazz manouche style that dominated... European nightlife in the 1930s and 1940s. Gypsy contaminations, swing and valse musette in a celebration of... freedom and leisure.
Private Keys
Private Keys, 2020
Warm and expressive. A deep dive into intimate feelings and memories, hopes and dreams, cradled in the... delicate sounds of a piano.
Up and Go
Up and Go, 2020
Wake up, have coffee, and embark on a new daily adventure. A melodic and light-hearted pop-rock album... highlighting the guitar. For daytime TV: outdoor settings or around the table with friends and family, with a... sound that recalls the sitcoms of the 90s.
Boxed World
Boxed World, 2020
In a boxed world, where everything is fixed and repetitive, a creative soul can find freedom through love and... art. A chillout collection of slow to mid tempo songs enhanced by a deep and expressive female voice that... transports us to another dimension. 90s European-style electro-jazz.
Psychedelic Flow
Psychedelic Flow, 2020
Smooth and rounded sounds take us back to the late 60s and early 70s. Rock, Funk and Jazz intersect in a... constant, fluid dialogue between guitar, sax and bassoon. The result is a psychedelic album, capable of... expanding and blurring the edges of reality.
Nature Hiking
Nature Hiking, 2019
Relaxing rhythms and panoramic views for getting lost in the great outdoors: hiking, weekend getaways, sports... and relaxation.
Classic Comedy
Classic Comedy, 2019
The 60s have been a prolific decade for comedy films. Here’s a collection of original Italian archive scores... for all kinds of retro humour situations, sketches and gags.
Connection, 2019
Noise, melodies and wide spaces. A collection of electronic, ambient, dub, trap and house tracks designed to... inspire chilled and contemplative atmospheres and touch the depths of our inner-self.
Smart Travelling
Smart Travelling, 2019
Millennials are citizens of the world. Discover a new, smart and green way of travelling the globe and living... in cities.
Piano Tales
Piano Tales, 2019
The piano tells stories, conveys feelings and evokes images, while accompanied by strings and other... instruments in a kaleidoscopic collection of fascinating tracks.
Holy Night
Holy Night, 2019
Angelic voices join the orchestra to create a peaceful and serene Christmas.