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Shadows From the Dark
Shadows From the Dark (2019)
Ghosts, altered states, nightmares and obscure stories. The ominous sounds of the original synths of the... Eighties express the dark side of life and society.
Travel and Fun
Travel and Fun (2019)
Playful, weird and fun situations in a sparkling collection of eclectic and lively tracks suitable for travels... and amusement.
Urban Gang
Urban Gang (2019)
Distorted guitars, aggressive riffs and urban atmospheres in an original and energetic collection of Hard... Funk-Rock tracks.
Shades of Piano
Shades of Piano (2018)
Poetic atmospheres, colors, emotions and filmic suggestions in a captivating collection of tracks for piano in... a New Age and Minimalist style.
Social Crisis
Social Crisis (2018)
Orchestral tracks suitable for tense situations, social disorders, human dramas, historical events and... criminal cases.
Cineorchestral Epic - Religion
Cineorchestral Epic - Religion (2018)
Religion and adventure in a surprising mix of unusual epic sounds and choral backgrounds.
Natural Beauties
Natural Beauties (2018)
Landscapes, ecology, respect for Nature. Open and relaxing atmospheres between Pop and Country music.
Pumpkins Night
Pumpkins Night (2018)
Ghosts, zombies and a pinch of black humour in a frightening collection of tracks for Halloween.
Seventies Moods
Seventies Moods (2018)
A touch of Swing, Funk and the classic Italian melody in a collection of tracks from the Seventies for flute,... piano, strings and rhythm section.
Mysterious (2018)
Magical and mysterious environments from the Sixties. Orchestral sounds and early electronic organs create... parallel worlds, fantastical landscapes and esoteric visions.
Colosseum (2018)
Atmospheres inspired by the 1950s epic movie style. The Colosseum, gladiators, legionnaires and scenarios of... Imperial Rome in a rare collection of tracks both for orchestra and for instrumental ensembles.
Visionary Trends
Visionary Trends (2018)
Trends and elegance. Sophisticated and visionary atmospheres in an involving collection of World, Chill and... Jazzy tracks.