A World of Adventures
A World of Adventures, 2021
There’s a whole world out there waiting to be discovered! Panoramic tracks, World Music and Easy Listening.... Whether it's carefree holidays, excursions to far away places, or paths to self-discovery, every voyage hides... an adventure!
Daydreaming Love
Daydreaming Love, 2021
From the deepest of feelings to the simplicity of a happy day spent together. A musical voyage about love in... all its forms, suspended between dreams and reality and with sounds reminiscent of Classical, New Age and Pop.
Hope Infusion
Hope Infusion, 2021
Serenity, self-awareness, well-being. Introspective, New Age inspired tracks for flutes and shimmering sounds,... suitable for meditation and finding unity with Nature.
Northern Lights
Northern Lights, 2021
Unspoiled Nordic landscapes, ice floes and the play of light in the Arctic night: an Ambient collection with... an ancestral soul. The delicate sounds of pianos, guitars, harps and flutes alternate over panoramic pads.
Odd Resilience
Odd Resilience, 2021
Nature or City, carefree or restless. A dive through Ambient, Lounge, Reggae and Electronica, with the... dominating sound of a colorful electric guitar. A heterogeneous album that narrates the complexity of our... current times.
Carnival, 2021
The Carnival! Its masks, pranks and healthy madness. A frisky collection of tracks for both kids and grownups... while they play and have fun.
Paris Gitan
Paris Gitan, 2021
A nomadic, folkloric Europe. Caravans, carousels and old stations converge with the stories of roamers, lost... lovers and mischievous kids. Tracks with a strong gypsy and folkloric sound, with a touch of romanticism.... Welcome to the gitano Paris.
Light Arpeggios
Light Arpeggios, 2021
Guitar arpeggios in the foreground and a light rhythm in the background. Soft and warm tracks, well suited for... happy and serene moments outdoors or with the family.
Medical Research
Medical Research, 2020
Scientific research in the medical field: minimalist and descriptive tracks for studies under a microscope,... laboratory analyses and life on the ward.
Drawn in Blue
Drawn in Blue, 2020
Atmospheres, fascination, feelings. Pop-ambient style songs, with '80s and '90s influences featuring a warm... male voice, in an intimate and moving collection, colored in blue.
Nostalgic Melodies
Nostalgic Melodies, 2020
Evocative and nostalgic melodies. Intense feelings are conjured by the elegance of the piano and the folk... sound of the accordion within a suspended and romantic atmosphere.
Cineorchestral Epic - Adventures
Cineorchestral Epic - Adventures, 2020
New lands to explore, heroic battles and exciting discoveries. Cinematic orchestral tracks with an epic and... solemn atmosphere.
Historical Fiction
Historical Fiction, 2020
Drama, action and feelings in the folds of history. A varied collection of tracks for strings and orchestra... suitable for documentaries, fiction and docu-fiction in costume.
Happy Fab
Happy Fab, 2020
13 instrumental tracks inspired by the Fab Four’s early albums. 1960s pop-rock style featuring the... harmonica, for a happy and carefree album.
Glam Hour
Glam Hour, 2020
Glamorous evenings with happy hour drinks. A collection of sophisticated jazz-lounge tracks with Latin and... Caribbean influences.