Shades of Piano
Shades of Piano (2018)
Poetic atmospheres, colors, emotions and filmic suggestions in a captivating collection of tracks for piano in... a New Age and Minimalist style.
Social Crisis
Social Crisis (2018)
Orchestral tracks suitable for tense situations, social disorders, human dramas, historical events and... criminal cases.
Cineorchestral Epic - Religion
Cineorchestral Epic - Religion (2018)
Religion and adventure in a surprising mix of unusual epic sounds and choral backgrounds.
Natural Beauties
Natural Beauties (2018)
Landscapes, ecology, respect for Nature. Open and relaxing atmospheres between Pop and Country music.
Pumpkins Night
Pumpkins Night (2018)
Ghosts, zombies and a pinch of black humour in a frightening collection of tracks for Halloween.
Visionary Trends
Visionary Trends (2018)
Trends and elegance. Sophisticated and visionary atmospheres in an involving collection of World, Chill and... Jazzy tracks.
Freedom Routes
Freedom Routes (2018)
Adventure, travel and introspection, featuring the guitar, in a fascinating musical journey through Blues,... Pop, Latin moods and Italian melodies.
Idle Sunday
Idle Sunday (2018)
The perfect soundtrack of a relaxing Sunday with a pinch of physical activity. Lazy atmospheres in a... captivating collection of tracks ideal for hobby and leisure time.
Globetrotter (2018)
An exciting journey through popular music traditions, from the Andes to the Pyramids, from the Far East to... Africa's savannah.
World Economy
World Economy (2018)
The business world, hi-tech environments, news and current affairs in an impactful collection of dynamic and... powerful tracks.
Quirky Times
Quirky Times (2018)
A quirky piano plays new and unusual melodies, in both Indie-Rock and New Age styles, accompanied by guitar... riffs and a playful rhythm section.
Terraforming (2018)
Industries of tomorrow and new skylines. Electronic sounds, heavy drums and effects in a futuristic mix... suitable for high technology, space and Sci-Fi.
New Life
New Life (2018)
Naturalistic environments, emotions and good feelings in a delicate collection of tracks for piano, strings... and light percussion.
Fun in the Kitchen
Fun in the Kitchen (2018)
A fresh and playful soundtrack for savory recipes, tasty cakes and creative dishes. Let’s have a good time... in the kitchen!
Airy (2018)
Contemplative, airy and panoramic scenes by strings and synth pads, featuring magical solo guitar stylings,... ranging from New Age to Blues, with both acoustic and electric tinges.