Silk Road
Silk Road, 2022
A fascinating journey through Eastern countries and people, inspired by the sound of a silken flute with World... Music contaminations.
Together, 2022
Friendship, sharing, inclusion. Everything is simpler and easier if we're together.
Smart Tech
Smart Tech, 2022
Networking, artificial intelligence, big data, virtual life. Technology plays a big role in our daily lives.
Capriccio italiano
Capriccio italiano, 2022
The Italian folkloric music tradition expressed through refined melodies and popular dances, using just... accordion and guitar.
Heart Strings
Heart Strings, 2022
Moving, intense, touching. A collection of emotional tracks featuring string soloists backed by string... orchestra, suitable for movies, TV series and documentary films.
Green Steps
Green Steps, 2022
We all wish to live in a greener world. Let's respect Nature, and protect its treasure of resources, colours... and harmony.
Home & Lifestyle
Home & Lifestyle, 2022
Living life and home projects with serenity, elegance, wellness and ease.
Amanti, santi e naviganti
Amanti, santi e naviganti, 2022
A refined collection of original songs, also available in instrumental versions, freely inspired by... traditional Sicilian music. Stories from the Mediterranean, infused with the traditions of ancient Greece,... Middle Eastern flavours and heart-breaking melancholy.
Emotional Vibes
Emotional Vibes, 2022
Touching, descriptive and intense tracks inspired by human emotions and their relationship with Nature.
Through My Window
Through My Window, 2021
Poetic images, stirring feelings and introspection find their place in the notes and sounds of an... inspirational piano.
After Hours
After Hours, 2021
A drink with friends to help relax and chat at the end of a hard day's work.
A World of Adventures
A World of Adventures, 2021
There’s a whole world out there waiting to be discovered! Panoramic tracks, World Music and Easy Listening.... Whether it's carefree holidays, excursions to far away places, or paths to self-discovery, every voyage hides... an adventure!
Daydreaming Love
Daydreaming Love, 2021
From the deepest of feelings to the simplicity of a happy day spent together. A musical voyage about love in... all its forms, suspended between dreams and reality and with sounds reminiscent of Classical, New Age and Pop.
Hope Infusion
Hope Infusion, 2021
Serenity, self-awareness, well-being. Introspective, New Age inspired tracks for flutes and shimmering sounds,... suitable for meditation and finding unity with Nature.
Northern Lights
Northern Lights, 2021
Unspoiled Nordic landscapes, ice floes and the play of light in the Arctic night: an Ambient collection with... an ancestral soul. The delicate sounds of pianos, guitars, harps and flutes alternate over panoramic pads.