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16 Tracks
1. Mr Mysterious
Suspense and tension. Mysterious and anxious tune with gloomy and scary piano clusters over sparse chimes and effects.
2. Magneto
Dreamy and evocative tune in an Impressionist style. Romantic piano phrases over a rippling harp alternated with more tense moments.
3. Bob Car
Anxious, disquieting. A hypnotic and virtuosic synth with sparse piano notes in a magical atmosphere.
5. Ice Sea
Psychological and tense atmosphere. Sparse harp notes over an iterative and hypnotic synth.
7. In the East
Orchestral tune with an oriental atmosphere. Mysterious, magical and fairy-like atmosphere.
8. Under the Ocean
Tension and anxiety. Disquieting and ominous tune with a pressing orchestral crescendo.
9. Diabolic Forge
Magic and illusionism. Mysterious and disquieting orchestral tune with sparse effects in a fairy-like and fantasy atmosphere.
10. Enigma
Psychological and tense atmosphere. Vibraphone and piano in a furtive and mysterious atmosphere.
11. Neutron
Scientific and technological atmosphere. Psychedelic and hypnotic synth notes over sparse and gloomy piano chords.
13. Iridescence
Evocative and dreamy tune. Hypnotic and magical sounds with a kaleidoscopic atmosphere.