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18 Tracks
1. Wellspring
full version
Optimistic and light-hearted tune with a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere.
3. Sledges
full version
Evocative and broad tune with a panoramic and contemplative atmosphere.
5. North Night
full version
Flowing tune with a light melancholic atmosphere and an urban flavour.
8. Garden Party
full version
Positive and serene tune with a light-hearted, relaxing and homey atmosphere.
9. Garden Party
light version
Lighter and more rarefied version without rhythm.
10. Green Steps
full version
Positive and tranquil tune with a peaceful, serene and panoramic atmosphere.
12. Again Road
full version
Positive and relaxed tune with a flowing rhythm, suitable for leisure and travel.
15. Eyes Up
full version
Panoramic and broad tune with a peaceful, relaxing and positive atmosphere.
17. Coast of Dunes
full version
Delicate and sweet tune with an ethereal and sentimental flavour.