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16 Tracks
2. Conscious
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Flowing, positive, slightly fairy-like. Delicate themes by electric guitar over continuous arpeggios, pads and a light rhythm.
5. Thermosphere
Positive, panoramic. Evocative guitar phrases, performed over a steady rhythm and a warm pad, express a sense of freedom and lightness.
6. Amenable
full version
Hypnotic, psychedelic. Guitars and sequencers dialogue forming kaleidoscopic sound alternations, giving the piece a metropolitan and technological atmosphere.
9. Expectancy
Contemplative, oneiric, ecstatic. Suspended guitar notes over an iterative arpeggio and a warm strings pad give a sense of magic and anticipation.
10. Heed
full version
Flowing, light, positive. A delicate guitar theme over a medium-paced rhythm, with a background by a light strings pad, gives the tune an optimistic and serene atmosphere.
13. Atmospheric Sense
Ethereal, dreamy, suspended. Sparse electric guitar notes float lightly surrounded by an enveloping pad and a light cadenced rhythm.
14. Fathomable
full version
Melancholic, romantic. Evocative and sentimental guitar theme over an ethereal pad; piano arpeggios, sparse percussive effects and a slow rhythm.