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20 Tracks
1. En attendant l'aube
Evocative, melancholic. Nostalgic and heart-rending theme, with a contemplative and dream-like atmosphere conveying a deep sense of pathos.
2. Mosaique
Magical and oneiric atmosphere. An ethereal and sensual female voice, with an adventurous accompaniment, evokes emotions leading to the exploration of inner feelings.
3. Sous la pluie
A sad and nostalgic song which evokes a heart-rending melancholy, while the mind indulges in distant memories.
4. Mondes interieurs
An intense and profound song with an intimate and melancholic theme focusing intensely on the inner world.
5. Miroir sacre
piano version
Panoramic, magical. The song begins with an evocative and dreamy atmosphere and then continues with a more dynamic progression that conveys a sense of travel and adventure.
6. Miroir sacre
voice version
Version with a female voice without piano.
7. Miroir sacre
light version
Version with a lighter arrangement and an ethereal and dreamy female voice.
8. Ne du reve
Contemplative, dreamy. Intimate and sentimental theme that stirs up emotions and evokes memories.
9. A propos du temps
Nostalgic, sentimental. Melancholic themes for flute, guitar and piano conveying an evocative and poignant atmosphere.
10. Sur le point de pleuvoir
Delicate, light, serene. Sweet and tender song, incorporating a fairy-like atmosphere giving a sense of positivity and innocence.
11. Jeu du miroirs
Dreamy, ethereal. Contemplative and evocative theme with a kaleidoscopic and tormented atmosphere.
12. Danse du phenix
full version
Evocative, light. Sweet, dreamy and contemplative theme with a fairy-like and sometimes childish atmosphere.
13. Danse du phenix
no drums
Version without drums and percussion
14. Memoires
Contemplative, sentimental. Intense tune with a cello theme over a piano accompaniment. Alternating evocative and tormented moments.
15. Reseau d'etres
Dreamy, melancholic. A female voice performs evocative phrases on a static and ethereal pad, then the rhythm section becomes more active, as if starting a long and adventurous journey.
16. Brouillard
Song in a modern Jazz style. Contemplative themes for soprano sax with refined piano harmonies, making the atmosphere abstract and imaginary.
17. Reveil
full version
Evocative and broad song that conveys a positive and hopeful sense of rebirth in a dreamy, ethereal and suspended atmosphere.
18. Reveil
light version
More ethereal and dreamy version with a lighter arrangement.
19. Pensees suspendues
Intimate and melancholic song in a modern Jazz style, with a contemplative and sometimes tormented flavour.