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Relaxed and flowing. Medium tempo. An electro-pop song for leisure in the city or for video gaming. Panoramic sequencer and pads over a modified drum sound.
Losing Control
Serene, moderate pace. Lounge track with a compelling rhythm and a captivating sound that creates a laid-back and positive atmosphere.
Wide and panoramic track, but with an urban mood and ‘90s style arrangement. An epic and adventurous atmosphere alternates with underground segments.
Eerie, dream-like. Remote and evocative synth phrases, along with rarefied percussive effects, over a disquieting and insistent sequencer loop.
Highly dramatic, tense, anxious. Mystery and fear in a track with a dark, suspenseful atmosphere. Synths, strings and sequencers over sparse percussion.
Engine Room
Dark and tense. Dramatic and pronounced synth notes on an unsettling and persistent sequencer loop. High-tech, industrial and anguished mood.
Fault Line
Tense, with a touch of crime/noir atmosphere. Sporadic incursions of synths, panpipe and strings over a background of percussion effects and continuous pad. Mood is mysterious and agitated.
Fast Food
Epic, on-the-move. Mysterious synth phrases over a looped sequencer. Setting may be high-tech, industry and/or dark and urban.
Proactive, dynamic, motivational. Positive and assertive track with a fast-paced rhythm and busy sequencers that inspire action, speed, productivity.
Anxious, dramatic. Tense and ethereal pad phrases with sparse percussion effects over an iterative and mechanical sequencer background.
Dynamic, confident. Technological sounds in a motivational track, suited for industry, productivity, news and discoveries.
Super Collider
Tense, mysterious, galactic. Electronic track with a gloomy and dark sound. Chilling phrases by synths, strings and panpipe over a background of rarefied percussive effects and continuous pad.
Airy, panoramic. Sequencers and evocative pads with bold, yet sporadic, themes by guitar and synth. High-tech, science, outer space.