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World Economy
Powerful and resolute tune. A gloomy synth and a psychedelic sequencer over aggressive percussion in a dark, urban atmosphere. Technology, news and industry.
Graphics Master
full version
Sequencers, pads and synths in a track suitable for technology, industry and the corporate world.
DNA Test
full version
Scientific research and technology. Ethereal sequencers over warm and enveloping pads with a delicate flowing rhythm.
full version
Positive and powerful track, suitable for news, current affairs, business and technology. Continuous sequencers, involving synths and insistent rhythm.
full version
Elegant electronic tune with a flowing and delicate rhythm. Technological and scientific atmosphere.
Price Index
full version
Determined and powerful tune with acid synths over a continuous psychedelic sequencer and a strong rhythm, suitable for urban and technological contexts.
Artificial Life
full version
Ethereal and dreamy tune with liquid electronic sounds and an enveloping pad over a hypnotic sequencer. Aquatic and scientific atmosphere.
full version
Dynamic and powerful electronic tune with a technological and metropolitan atmosphere. Arpeggiated and psychedelic synths.