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Nuclear Heart
with percussion
Version with sparse percussion that enriches and enhances the dreamy and sentimental mood of the track.
Nuclear Heart
main version
Evocative, pastoral, searching. Contemplative phrases played by the flute with guitar arpeggios as accompaniment. Mood is dreamy but melancholic.
Almost a Cry
main version
Feelings, emotions and memories are magically evoked in this melancholic and contemplative track for flute and acoustic guitar. Deep and intimate.
with pad
Version with sparse pads that enhance the dreamy, romantic and evocative atmosphere.
main version
Elegant, delicate. Expressive and dreamy phrases played by flute. Acoustic guitar in background. Poetic and contemplative atmosphere.
My Talking Eyes
with cymbals
Version with sparse cymbals, creating a magical and dreamy mood.
My Talking Eyes
main version
Dreamy, intimate, contemplative. Expressive and ethereal melodies played by the flute over steadily repeating acoustic guitar chords. Atmosphere is enchanted and romantic.
Una serata
Ambivalent track with two opposing sections: optimism versus preoccupation. Nevertheless, after the storm comes the sun.
Slow and desolate. The track gradually shifts into more agitated and slightly desperate segments, and later returns to desolation.
Moderate pace. An expressive and deeply-felt theme in mid to low range, accompanied by smooth and expressive arpeggios.
Rimpianto lieve
Stable atmosphere, with regret and melancholy evolving into a segment in major that inspires hope.
Sostenuto con espressione
Triple time track with a melancholic mood. Vaguely Parisian early ’900s atmosphere. Dreamy, simple and slightly impassioned.
Regular and easy-going, positive, major key. The melody wanders into different keys yet maintains the same atmosphere
Valzerino Boliviano
Latin American, romantic-style waltz. A nostalgic mood set in an atmosphere of simplicity.
Classical Italian monferrina dance. Simple melody with a touch of melancholy and senile resignation.
Walking with Her
Underscore version.