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564 Tracks
Medium-paced jazz ballad with a contemplative and imaginary flavour. Evocative flute phrases with piano accompaniment. At 0'49'' the rhythm becomes more pronounced.
Dynamic, positive, panoramic. Jazz piece with a rhapsodic rhythm, with piano and flute dialoguing elegantly.
Minor Bounce
Medium-paced piece with a contamination of styles. Evocative initial theme for cello in a Classical style, then at 0'17'' a dialogue begins between flute and piano with a Jazz arrangement.
Blues Bites
Dynamic, driving, positive. Contamination between Jazz and Blues with flute and piano highlighted over a steady rhythm.
Song Theme
Atmospheric Jazz song with a medium-paced rhythm and a sentimental, romantic and glamorous atmosphere.
Rhapsody Like
Elegant, persuasive. Refined Jazz ballad with a rhapsodic rhythm, and a romantic and glamorous flavour. Expressive dialogue between flute and piano.
Flashing Circles
Medium-paced, steady. Sentimental jazz ballad with a refined atmosphere. Flute and piano are elegant protagonists.
Scat Time
Cheerful and dynamic Jazz song with a fast and swinging rhythm. At 0'49'' a female voice doubles the flute phrases in a scat style.
Seductive, poetic, light. Slow jazz ballad with a sentimental and evocative flavour that conveys a sense of waiting.
Bright Soul
Slow Jazz ballad with flute phrases accompanied by piano and rhythm. Evocative and melancholic atmospheres alternate with more up-beat moments.
Elegant Jazz song. Flute and piano dialogue over a dynamic rhythm that convey the sense of an imaginary journey.
Medium-paced and seductive ballad with a romantic flavour. Flute and piano perform refined phrases and improvisations.
High Days
Positive, dynamic. Jazz piece with a cheerful and carefree atmosphere with elegant flute phrases and virtuosic a piano solo.
Translated Words
Elegant, refined. Jazz ballad with a medium-paced mood and a romantic, sentimental and slightly melancholic atmosphere.
Chain of Events
Underscore version.
Chain of Events
solo piano and harp
More ethereal and rarefied version by piano and harp.
Chain of Events
full version
Contemplative, intimate. Delicate and sentimental piano theme over a string pedal and a sparse harp accompaniment.
Translucent Solitude
solo piano
More ethereal and rarefied version by piano solo.
Translucent Solitude
full version
Abstract, contemplative. Initial flugelhorn theme supported by string and piano chords, then at 1'05'' the theme is performed by the piano. Evocative and intimate atmosphere.
Hidden Feelings
solo piano and cello
More romantic version by piano and cello.