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181 Tracks
Stranger Monsters
full version
Tense and disquieting tune with a metropolitan atmosphere. Electronics and guitar over a pulsating Chillout rhythm.
World Economy
Powerful and resolute tune. A gloomy synth and a psychedelic sequencer over aggressive percussion in a dark, urban atmosphere. Technology, news and industry.
Graphics Master
full version
Sequencers, pads and synths in a track suitable for technology, industry and the corporate world.
DNA Test
full version
Scientific research and technology. Ethereal sequencers over warm and enveloping pads with a delicate flowing rhythm.
full version
Positive and powerful track, suitable for news, current affairs, business and technology. Continuous sequencers, involving synths and insistent rhythm.
Price Index
full version
Determined and powerful tune with acid synths over a continuous psychedelic sequencer and a strong rhythm, suitable for urban and technological contexts.
Artificial Life
full version
Ethereal and dreamy tune with liquid electronic sounds and an enveloping pad over a hypnotic sequencer. Aquatic and scientific atmosphere.