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Sentimental, dreamy. Soulful and nostalgic themes for cello over sparse piano notes and a suspended string pad. Melancholic and evocative atmosphere.
Serene Stream
Introspective, sentimental. Evocative themes for cello over soft piano arpeggios and suspended string harmonies. Intimate and contemplative atmosphere.
Inner Feelings
Ecstatic, contemplative. Evocative piece that facilitates the search for an inner dimension and a pure expression of the deepest feelings.
Delicate, sentimental. Evocative theme for cello over refined piano harmonies that convey a romantic and sweet atmosphere.
Lost Image
Evocative, melancholic. Nostalgic and sentimental themes for piano with accompanying string harmonies. Atmosphere of loneliness and sadness.
Dreamy, fairy-like. Orchestral piece with an evocative and contemplative atmosphere with broad melodies and string harmonies over a delicate and sparse arpeggiated piano.
Childish Melody
Introspective, evocative and soulful orchestral piece. Delicate themes by piano and cello over a string pad. The celesta at the beginning of the song conveys a childish atmosphere.
Walking Alone
Intimate, introspective. Piece with a dreamy and contemplative theme for piano over suspended and rarefied strings.
Ecstatic Mood
Contemplative and dreamy piece with sparse piano notes and a soulful cello theme over a suspended string pad. Ecstatic atmosphere.
Arcadian Vision
Positive, magical, sentimental. Fairy-like and arcadian atmosphere. Broad and soulful string harmonies convey positive vibrations.
Tinged Dawn
Sentimental, sweet, positive. A soft and soulful cello melody over light strings conveys a dreamy and fairy-like atmosphere.
Gloomy Days
Melancholic, nostalgic. Tormented and evocative theme for cello accompanied by soft piano arpeggios.
Hopeful Wait
A song of hopeful anticipation, with a contemplative and dreamy atmosphere. Broad orchestral melodies convey a positive feeling of rebirth.
Touching View
Soulful, delicate, sentimental. Orchestral piece with an evocative flavour using broad, dreamy melodies and often creating a fairy-like atmosphere.
Song in a minimalist style with an evocative and intimate theme for piano, alternating with viola at 1'26''. Melancholic and intimate atmosphere.
Deep, evocative. Delicate and soft piece in which an intimate and sentimental viola theme conveys a sense of reflection and contemplation.
My Diary
Intimate, introspective. Delicate and expressive piece in which a sentimental piano theme, accompanied by strings at 1'48'', evokes nostalgia and memories.
Sensitive Soul
Romantic, contemplative. Wide-ranging orchestral piece, sometimes epic and with a sentimental and evocative atmosphere.
Electric Afternoon
Robotic, mechanical. Medium-paced and steady electronic Waltz with a vaguely Folk-Pop flavour and a sentimental and evocative atmosphere.
Determined Walk
slow version
Slower version with an electric piano over a synth pad background. More melancholic atmosphere.