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501 Tracks
alternate version
Powerful, intense. House-Electronic track with a fast and persistent rhythm and futuristic effects. The electric guitar in the foreground alternates between a determined mood and a more hesitant and suspenseful mood.
Losing Control
Serene, moderate pace. Lounge track with a compelling rhythm and a captivating sound that creates a laid-back and positive atmosphere.
Just a Little Time
full version
Riffs and electric guitar solos alternate on a sustained yet varying rhythmic pattern. Carefree mood.
Wake Up
full version
Positive and carefree, a motivating pop tune for a sunny day.
Looking For You
full version
Some vaguely melancholic arpeggios in a 2000s style pop-rock tune. Electric guitar strums at a moderate tempo. Pensive, but serene.
My Favourite Colours
full version
Energetic and cool pop-rock tune. The electric guitars are the main attraction, with their captivating sound.
She Works Hard
full version
Soft-rock track with a cool and assertive atmosphere, dominated by the electric guitar.
full version
Folk-pop tune with arpeggios and strumming. Moderate tempo. The sun is reappearing, the mood is calm and optimistic.
Route Planner
full version
Pop tune with a confident and steady pace. At 1'20'', rhythmic interlude with a lighter, more reflexive mood.