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499 Tracks
Now We Know
Fast and resolute song with electronic sounds and voices with effects over a pressing rhythm. Urban and at times anxious atmosphere.
Where Did You Go
Underscore version.
Where Did You Go
vocal version
Fast and energetic electronic song. A melodic line sung by a female voice alternates with synth lines over a strong rhythm. Urban atmosphere.
Ominous, disquieting. Tense theme by piano over an iterative sequencer and an obsessive rhythm, with epic moments expressed by strings and brass.
Heavy Industry
light version
Lighter version without percussive effects.
Heavy Industry
full version
Broad, energetic and impacting tune with an epic and commemorative atmosphere. Synth, pad and iterative sequencers over a pressing rhythm.
Colossal Gears
Epic, commemorative. Broad themes by strings and orchestral brass over a mechanical and steady rhythm.
Expert Handling
light version
Lighter version without percussive effects and pad.
Expert Handling
full version
Technological tune with a dramatic and tense atmosphere developing over a steady rhythm and ominous percussive effects.
Grand Bulldozer
Tense, disquieting. Distorted electric guitar over a pressing mechanical rhythm, disturbing effects and iterative string notes.
Automated Press
Pressing, agitated, dramatic. Mysterious and tense percussion and effects. A tune suitable for technological and industrial purposes.
Iron Forge
full version
Up tempo, dynamic. Tense percussive effects over a mysterious and nebulous pad and a pressing rhythm.
Dramatic, gloomy. A psychedelic and agitated sequencer over a disquieting pad and a mechanical and steady rhythm.
Hardworking Line
full version
Aggressive, pulsating. Dynamic tune in a Psychedelic Rock style with distorted electric guitar effects, pressing percussion and up-tempo rhythm.
Epic Engineering
Commemorative, epic. Broad orchestral sounds with a continuous background by sequencer and sparse percussive patterns.
full version
Positive, commemorative. Technological tune with alternating electronic and orchestral sounds. Scientific and spatial atmosphere.