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Flowing tune in a Pop-Chillout style with a resolute rhythm and a technological and metropolitan atmosphere.
Lively and dynamic tune in a Pop-Chillout style with a flowing danceable rhythm and a metropolitan atmosphere.
Street Dancer
Cool and danceable tune in an Eighties Pop style with a Chillout break. At 1'25'' break in a Funky style.
Disco Pub
Dynamic and lively technological tune with a contamination of styles ranging from Chillout to Techno and House.
Fine Tuning
Lively and technological tune in a Pop-Chillout style. A flowing danceable rhythm with an urban atmosphere.
House Beat
Determined and dynamic tune in a Pop-Chillout style with a strong rhythm. At 1'10'' and 2'35'' breaks with a metropolitan atmosphere.
Night Waves
Technological atmosphere. Powerful and lively tune with contaminations between Techno, House and Pop-Dance styles.
Groovy and flowing tune with Eighties influences, ranging from Pop and Dance to Chillout and Funky.
Cyber Woman
Resolute and dynamic tune with a technological atmosphere and a strong danceable beat.
Dance Fever
Dynamic tune in Techno and House styles alternated with Pop phrases over a flowing danceable beat and an urban atmosphere.
Groove On
Captivating danceable tune in a House style with a resolute rhythm. At 0'52'' and at 2'24'' breaks in an Eighties Pop-Dance style.
Break Time
main version
Energetic, positive. Electronic piece with an animated and pulsating rhythm.
Kora Revenge
house version
Seductive, cool. Song in a House genre with a mysterious melody.
essential version
Deep, lonely. Electronic track featuring bass throughout.