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635 Tracks
Enchanted Path
Ecstatic and magical piece with a fairy-like and contemplative atmosphere. Delicate and sweet themes for flute and cello over a soft string pad.
Sacred Space
Contemplative atmosphere, occasionally touching on the sacred. Suspended and evocative themes for horns and kantele convey a magical and fairy-like atmosphere.
Suspended Wait
full version
Rarefied, mysterious. Delicate and expressive notes for cello over an arpeggiated piano. At 1'39'' evocative vocal phrases. Contemplative and suspended atmosphere.
Magical Promise
Expressive, sweet. Delicate and romantic themes for cello and piano give the piece a sentimental and contemplative atmosphere.
Snowy Forest
Contemplative, suspended. Evocative theme for cello with a rarefied accompaniment by celesta and santur over an ethereal pad. Fairy-like and magical atmosphere.
Dancing Drops
Evocative, contemplative. Suspended and rarefied themes for guitar, piano and vibraphone over a light string pad. The atmosphere is at times melancholic.
Secret Fate
Magical, intimate. Expressive theme for cello answered by pizzicato strings over a continuous pad. Evocative and ecstatic atmosphere.
Dream Encounter
Song with a sentimental and dreamy atmosphere. Expressive and romantic themes for cello over a soft and ethereal string pad.
Amor cortese
Contemplative piece with expressive themes for cello, strings and piano with both melancholic and evocative atmospheres.
Enchantment Forever
full version
Evocative, intimate. Expressive and at times melancholic themes for cello and piano over light string notes. Contemplative atmosphere.
Fairy Path
Magical, ecstatic. Delicate and evocative themes develop over a rarefied orchestral arrangement, giving the piece a fairy-like and enchanting atmosphere.
Harmonic Refrain
Contemplative and sentimental piece with romantic themes for cello and electric guitar with an arpeggiated piano accompaniment. Mysterious and fairy-like atmosphere.
Dawn Flight
Broad and panoramic piece. Trumpet and cello dialogue with evocative phrases over a string pad. Contemplative and magical atmosphere.
Love Theme
Wide, intense, soulful. Orchestral theme with an atmosphere ranging from dramatic and gloomy to epic and commemorative.