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10 Tracks
My Karma
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Elegant ballad in a Pop-Fusion style with a sentimental, romantic and passionate atmosphere.
Smooth Bossa
Elegant and refined Bossanova with a sentimental and romantic atmosphere. Expressive guitar themes and solos over a Latin accompaniment.
Broad, evocative and panoramic tune with guitar themes and solos in a Pop-Fusion style. Carefree atmosphere.
Freedom Routes
An acoustic guitar plays expressive themes and solos over strong chords in a medium Pop-Rock ballad.
On the Road
Dynamic, positive and light-hearted Pop tune. Electric guitar and Hammond organ over a lively and flowing rhythm with a carefree atmosphere.
Bright Images
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Delicate and sentimental Pop ballad. Introduction by sparse voices and electric guitar phrases over acoustic guitar arpeggios. Then, at 1'10'', a light and flowing rhythm.
Frisky and light-hearted samba. Joyful theme by electric guitar with a Latin arrangement and a virtuosic solo by electric piano.
Night Rain
Elegant and delicate tune. An electric guitar dialogues with an acoustic guitar in a sentimental and dreamy atmosphere.
Positive and optimistic Pop tune with a carefree theme by guitar over a lively, flowing and danceable rhythm.