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20 Tracks
Hopelessly Yours
Mellow, romantic, sentimental. Melancholic and nostalgic melody played by piano with string accompaniment.
Sweet Dreams
Sparse, intimate, melancholic. Loneliness brings out the most heart-rending memories and deepest feelings.
Love Theme
Wide, intense, soulful. Orchestral theme with an atmosphere ranging from dramatic and gloomy to epic and commemorative.
Forgive Me
Intimate, lonesome. The melancholy and nostalgia for a lost love emerges amidst deep memories and feelings.
Rain In My Heart
Contemplative, nostalgic. The first part presents an intimate and sparse theme by piano with a string background; later the same theme is performed more intensely by strings.
Lost Horizons
Romantic, sentimental. Orchestra and piano elegantly express an intense atmosphere of passion.
My Little Girl
Passionate, delicate, sweet. The piano and strings alternate various emotions, feelings and pathos.
Don't Leave Me
Romantic, melancholic. Intense and expressive orchestral theme with a sentimental and nostalgic flavour.
Last Autumn
Intimate, delicate. Soulful and contemplative theme by strings and piano with a melancholic atmosphere.
Hidden Tears
Contemplative, ecstatic. Sparse theme by piano with a string accompaniment. Atmosphere of solitude.
Falling In Love
Delicate, sweet and romantic tune with a positive atmosphere which instills hope and a feeling of rebirth.
A warm and passionate sax creates a romantic and sentimental atmosphere by playing intense and heart-rending phrases.