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9 Tracks
Another Day
vocal version
Intimate and delicate song with ambient influences. Evocative and dreamy atmosphere.
The Stand
vocal version
Positive message in a moderately-paced pop song with a melancholic touch. Suspended atmospheres, with 1980s style influences.
Where Is Your Love
vocal version
Sophisticated and minimal pop song with orchestral elements. Dreamy and evocative atmospheres.
Tell Me Something
vocal version
Aggressive electronic rock song. Industrial and '90s references. Assertive and energetic mood.
vocal version
Slow and contemplative song in a dark wave style. Retro electronics and ambient references. Nocturnal atmosphere.
Stay With You
vocal version
Pop song with a romantic mood. Light-hearted and dreamy.
Tall Trees
vocal version
Rhythmic song with a sensual groove and an electro-pop sound. Atmosphere is nocturnal and urban.
Late Train
vocal version
Song with a slow and steady rhythm in a modern ambient-pop style. Introspective and nocturnal atmosphere.
Drawn In Blue
vocal version
Rhythmic pop song with a new-romantic '80s style background. Slightly melancholic atmosphere. Short electric guitar solo.