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19 Tracks
Flowing tune in a Pop-Chillout style with a resolute rhythm and a technological and metropolitan atmosphere.
Lively and dynamic tune in a Pop-Chillout style with a flowing danceable rhythm and a metropolitan atmosphere.
Disco Pub
Dynamic and lively technological tune with a contamination of styles ranging from Chillout to Techno and House.
House Beat
Determined and dynamic tune in a Pop-Chillout style with a strong rhythm. At 1'10'' and 2'35'' breaks with a metropolitan atmosphere.
Night Waves
Technological atmosphere. Powerful and lively tune with contaminations between Techno, House and Pop-Dance styles.
Cyber Woman
Resolute and dynamic tune with a technological atmosphere and a strong danceable beat.
Dance Fever
Dynamic tune in Techno and House styles alternated with Pop phrases over a flowing danceable beat and an urban atmosphere.
Groove On
Captivating danceable tune in a House style with a resolute rhythm. At 0'52'' and at 2'24'' breaks in an Eighties Pop-Dance style.
Break Time
main version
Energetic, positive. Electronic piece with an animated and pulsating rhythm.
main version
Alarming, insistent. Intense electronic track.
Toxic Cake
main version
Mystical, graceful. Electronic track with delicate sounds and a mysterious atmosphere.
main version
Simple, intense. Song in a House genre featuring percussion and bass.
Medieval War
Eccentric, energetic. Dub song with a woodwind section creating an epic style with a medieval atmosphere.