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Hot Training
30s cut
30'' cutdown version.
Boxed World
vocal version
A moderate groove underlies an ethereal, yet tense electro-jazz song. A creative soul seeking beauty in a boxed world can find freedom, like the notes of a flute floating over a steady drum beat.
Prete rosso
Contemplative, mystical. Sad and evocative theme by chamber strings ensemble. From 1'02'' to 1'53'' the theme is played by english horn.
Be Free
main version
An electric guitar accompanied by a second guitar with Upbeat rhythm. Pressing and flowing tune, suitable for leisure, driving, travels and holidays.
Starting Line
30s cut
Energy and impact in a lively pop-rock tune with determined guitar riffs and sequencer over a resolute rhythm.
Sur le boulevard
30s cut
30'' cutdown version
My Solitude
Intimate and melancholic theme by piano, alto flute and soprano sax with light string harmonies and sparse guitar notes with a sentimental atmosphere.