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19 Tracks
Gloomy and mysterious. Tense phrases in crescendo up to 1'05''. Then the trombones accents and electronic effects up to the final crescendo.
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Fear and distress. Continuous, disturbing, mysterious and pulsing electronic sound. Rarefied bells and electronic texture between tension and suspense.
Despair and mystery. Intense pulsing rhythm as an irregular heart beat. Changing and dense non-thematic sounds by strings and electronics.
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Tension and suspense. Rarefied phrases by electric piano and tremolos by strings on an electronic texture.
Mystery and tension. Electronic changing texture, gloomy and dense, underlined by rarefied piano, performed both as melodic notes and as dynamic and strong clusters.
Malefic Noise
Fear and distress. An electronic and disturbing sound creates a continuous pedal. Strings, orchestral brass and prepared piano dialogue with rarefied phrases and gloomy sounds.
Black Art
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Nightmare and mystery. Dialogue between prepared piano and piano on an electronic pedal. At 2'40'' dynamic crescendo up to the end.
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Sorrow and nightmare. Gloomy and deep electronics with nervous strings support a male voices choir, in a style between Gregorian and Contemporary. At 1'40'' sorrowful violins phrases dialogue with the choir up to the end.
Fear and tension. Pedal by strings tremolos and electronic effects. Trombone accents and rarefied piano. In slow crescendo up to the final climax.
Wrong Choice
Fear and anguish. Abstract and tense textures and electronic effects. Important moments underlined by strong and sudden accents. At the beginning and at 1'03'' sorrowful strings phrase.
Mystery and terror. Gloomy and deep sounds with timpano and piano accents. At 1'12'' slow and obsessive piano notes in low register and dynamic accents with electronic effects. At 2'12'' the first part again from the beginning.
Eyes Closed
Fear and distress. Strong orchestral accents preface ethereal notes by soprano soloist voice. Strings staccato in nervous crescendo from 0'19'' up to 0'53'' and from 2'22'' up to the end.
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Fear and tension. Slow and mysterious arpeggio by celesta with abstract ethereal notes by a soprano voice. At 1'00'' strong and dramatic marcato by strings in crescendo up to 1'44'', then at 3'33'' again up to the end.
Nightmare and terror. Strings orchestra alternates agitated moments and anxious tremolos with sorrowful and mysterious phrases. Electronic effects remark rigorously the dynamic climaxes.
Nightmare and tension. Slow electric piano arpeggio on changing electronic effects. Slow crescendo by strings pedal from the beginning up to the end.
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Mystery and fear. Arpeggios and prepared piano effects on a deep pedal and strings movements. From 1'40'' flute and prepared piano create moments of tension. At 2'29'' back as the beginning.