For registered users

Music selection

If you need help in the music selection, Opensound is available to support you. Our long-time experience and the perfect knowledge of our library will help you quickly and effectively.

Syncing music

Need help in syncing music on your video? Opensound does even more. We’ll give, only to registered users, our best technical and artistic support for free. You can come directly in our studio or, if you prefer, send us your video in any format. We’ll do the music editing and, on request, the final mix. .

Your version
(customized mixes)

Did you select a track from our libraries but you prefer the theme played by guitar instead of piano? Many tracks are already in different versions, and you can choose among them. If you still don’t find a version that matches your needs you can ask us to make a customized mix, with different musical instruments, with or without a rhythm section, faster or slower and so on. We’ll create a new mix just based on your needs.

License support

If you want to be sure that you are not infringing any copyright, our staff will be happy to illustrate and solve possible problems related to inappropriate usage of music.

Original scores

When a production needs bespoken music, Opensound brings at your disposal experience and creativity. Contact our staff, describe your project and we’ll give you shortly a quote.

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