Arcade, 2021
Electronic drums, synthesizers, effects and sequencers: straight from the '80s, the soundtrack for an... afternoon at the arcade. Leisure and fun inside and outside the cabinet machines.
Sci-Fi Horror
Sci-Fi Horror, 2020
Sci-Fi and horror at the turn of the ‘80s and ‘90s: some scientific experiments can produce terrifying... results! Electronic tracks with a strong retro sound, composed for paranormal or futuristic settings.
Dystopia Reloaded
Dystopia Reloaded, 2020
Menacing landscapes, abandoned cities and retro-futuristic visions. Expansive tracks with dark, electronic... sounds narrating a frightening post-apocalyptic future: science fiction, space travel and imminent yet unknown... dangers.
Dystopia, 2020
An adventurous and risky voyage to hyper-technological planets and futuristic landscapes. The 90s vision of a... cybernetic and dystopian future comes to life in this dark electronic album full of original retro sounds.
Classic Comedy
Classic Comedy, 2019
The 60s have been a prolific decade for comedy films. Here’s a collection of original Italian archive scores... for all kinds of retro humour situations, sketches and gags.
World Stories
World Stories, 2019
In a "World Music" vein, a fascinating collection of tracks inspired by ethnic moods with a typical '90s... sound, for reportages and documentaries.
Shadows From the Dark
Shadows From the Dark, 2019
Ghosts, altered states, nightmares and obscure stories. The ominous sounds of the original synths of the... Eighties express the dark side of life and society.
Seventies Moods
Seventies Moods, 2018
A touch of Swing, Funk and the classic Italian melody in a collection of tracks from the Seventies for flute,... piano, strings and rhythm section.
Mysterious, 2018
Magical and mysterious environments from the Sixties. Orchestral sounds and early electronic organs create... parallel worlds, fantastical landscapes and esoteric visions.
Colosseum, 2018
Atmospheres inspired by the 1950s epic movie style. The Colosseum, gladiators, legionnaires and scenarios of... Imperial Rome in a rare collection of tracks both for orchestra and for instrumental ensembles.
Reportage, 2017
Dramatic tracks with a typical “Nineties” sound, for detective and crime stories, social and environmental... issues, television reports and war documentaries.
Amore 70
Amore 70, 2017
Romantic feelings and passionate melodies for piano and strings in a sentimental style.
Solo Soundtracks
Solo Soundtracks, 2017
From the Sixties, the “Golden Age” of Italian cinema, a collection of themes and atmospheres, originally... composed for movies and documentaries, both for solo instruments and for small ensembles.
Folk & Underground
Folk & Underground, 2017
Folk and Underground atmospheres (including a psychedelic song) from the early Seventies in an original... collection of tracks for Rock groups featuring electric/acoustic guitars, Hammond organ/piano.
Easy Funk
Easy Funk, 2017
Positive, fresh and rhythmic tracks composed and recorded in the Nineties for TV programs of that period.