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21 Tracks
1. Odyssey
full version
Suspended, spatial. Percussive effects and voices on a long pedal note
2. Odyssey
no percussion version
No percussion version
3. Odyssey
no pad version
No pedal version
4. Odyssey
gamelan version
Static version with gamelan percussive elements
6. Icarus
full version
Descriptive, wide, astral. Piano theme on percussive patterns and FX
9. Compass
full version
Mysterious, animato. Sequencers, various effects and light rhythm
12. Machinery
full version
Dynamic, mechanical. Piano phrases on sequencers and light rhythm
14. Machinery
no sequencer version
More tensive version without sequencers
16. Kronos
full version
Disquieting, suspended. Piano harmonics drops on sequencer and pads
18. Kronos
no sequencer version
More static version without sequencer
21. Asteroids
full version
Astral, panoramic. Long liquid pad chords with light rhythm
23. Asteroids
no pad version
No sequencer version