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16 Tracks
2. Slide Man
A vintage blues with themes by slide guitar and Hammond organ over a typical rhythm guitar riff.
7. Images
Elegant ballad with evocative guitar and piano themes over iterative arpeggios. At 2'00", more aggressive with engaging guitar solo.
8. Highway
Positive and resolute ''on the road'' rock tune with guitar and Hammond organ themes in Seventies style.
9. Country Style
Fast, optimistic and playful rock tune with string bending guitar and Hammond organ in Tex-Mex style.
14. Love Days
Sweet and romantic ballad with expressive themes by guitar and tenor sax in vintage atmosphere.
15. Make it easy
Light-hearted and playful rock 'n' roll tune with tenor sax, guitar and Hammond organ themes in a Sixties style.
16. Rock People
Easy-listening and flowing ''on the road'' pop-rock tune with resolute guitar and Hammond organ themes.