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12 Tracks
1. Subaquatic Waves
Magical and ethereal textures with a crystalline, peaceful, subaquatic atmosphere.
2. Submarine Landscape
Delicate arpeggios by electric piano over a sparse pad with a serene and evocative atmosphere.
3. Liquid Spaces
full version
Astral, suspended. Sparse pads, synth and percussion. Mysterious atmosphere with a spatial flavour.
4. Liquid Spaces
no percussion
Version without percussion.
5. Amniotic Fluid
Slightly tense and mysterious. Electric piano, pad and percussion in a hypnotic and enveloping texture.
7. Signals
full version
Astral and dreamy atmosphere with an enveloping pad and effects creating an intriguing and mysterious texture.
8. Signals
no noises
Version without effects.
9. Liquid Particles
The depths of the abyss. Ethereal and mysterious pads in a magical and hypnotic atmosphere.
10. Silent Fluid
Pads, synth and electric piano in a fascinating mix of sounds creating a captivating astral dimension.
11. Waves Refraction
main version
Mysterious pads and delicate harp phrases create an intriguing texture with a subaquatic atmosphere.
12. Waves Refraction
alternate version
Lighter and more static version with sparse and suspended pads and effects.