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20 Tracks
1. Bolero of Kyrie
full version
Intense, majestic. Mystic and static intro by choir, later becoming mosso with orchestra, in a dramatic and epic atmosphere over a Bolero rhythm.
2. Bolero of Kyrie
no percussion
Version without percussion.
3. Bolero of Kyrie
Version by solo choir intro.
4. Bolero of Kyrie
no intro
Version without the intro by choir.
5. Avalon
full version
Epic, dramatic. Static and gloomy intro, later becoming more pressing with choir, strings, piano and percussion with a melancholic and anguished atmosphere.
6. Avalon
light version
Lighter version without percussion.
7. Avalon
no intro
Version without the intro.
8. Camel Trek
full version
Steady and flowing tune by orchestra over a lazy rhythm with a magical and fairy-like atmosphere in a Middle Eastern style.
9. Camel Trek
no percussion
Version without percussion.
10. Camel Trek
Underscore version.
11. Sultans
full version
Majestic, solemn. Steady orchestral tune with an epic and mythical atmosphere.
13. Myth
full version
Epic and broad orchestral tune with commemorative themes by choir and strings over a martial rhythm.
15. Triumph
full version
Solemn, majestic. Broad and commemorative orchestral tune with a positive and epic atmosphere.
17. Mermaids
full version
Tense, dramatic. Pressing and epic orchestral themes alternated with more static and melancholic string phrases.
19. Empire
full version
Legends and myths in a commemorative and broad orchestral tune with a pressing and intense rhythm.