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14 Tracks
3. Walking
Fine sax and guitar sections embroider themes on sophisticated harmonies with solos interposed
4. Island
A modern, relaxed R&B develops in two contrasting themes and flows into a finale with alternated solos
5. Passion
acoustic version
A wide, romantic theme played by classic guitar and flute is the prologue of a vibrating sax solo
6. Passion
electric version
Latin version with the peculiar contrast between acid electric guitars and capricious flute lines
7. Chick
Typical fusion atmosphere in which the game of rhythmic joints makes the background to guitar themes and powerful solos
8. Synapsis
The syncopated rhythm of acoustic guitar and drums makes the frame to a dialogue between sax and guitar that ends in an involving chorus
9. Moonlight
Languid acoustic guitars in a charming west-coast style surround dynamic bridges and jazzy solos
10. Aguardiente
An easy-listening sax and a relaxed groove suddenly become a funny interlude played by guitar and sax
11. Aguardiente
samba version
New-samba version in which flute and semi-acoustic guitar expose the themes dialoguing with Brazilian percussion
12. Honey Bar
In a ''Fusion'' atmosphere the themes begin with light phrases to become an ensemble of interesting harmonic solutions
13. Love Boat
A pressing sax rhythm releases sweet guitar notes in a changing pattern of flute sections and acoustic guitars
14. Peoria
A swinging sound on complex themes played by sax and guitar. After a jazzy break refined solos lead to the ending theme