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18 Tracks
1. From the Inside
full version
Serene, positive. Expressive themes by cello over a flowing Chillout rhythm in an Oriental atmosphere.
2. From the Inside
Rarefied version by cello and piano in a meditative New Age style in an Oriental atmosphere.
4. Footpaths
full version
Feelings and leisure. Elegant and tranquil tune in an Easy-Listening style with a flowing Chillout rhythm.
6. Campus
full version
Soulful, introspective. Evocative theme by cello alternated with broader and more positive moments, over guitar arpeggios and a light Chillout rhythm.
8. Fluent Theme
full version
Positive, gentle. Delicate and passionate theme by cello over a flowing Chillout beat and a danceable rhythm.
10. Life beyond Things
full version
Evocative, desolate. Soulful and sad ballad with an emotional theme by cello over a light Chillout rhythm with a nostalgic atmosphere.
11. Life beyond Things
light version
Lighter and more rarefied version without rhythm.
12. Life beyond Things
no cello
Version without cello.
13. Three Hearts
full version
Lonely, sad. Nostalgic themes by cello over a slow Chillout rhythm with an intimate and melancholic atmosphere.
15. Parallel Lives
full version
Sentimental, evocative. Melancholic ballad by cello and guitar with a moderate Chillout rhythm.
17. Too Young
full version
Melancholic, solitary. Nostalgic and intimate themes by cello and guitar over a slow Chillout rhythm with a metropolitan atmosphere.