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20 Tracks
1. Generator
Hallucinatory, disturbing. Persistent and disquieting sequencer over a long pedal note.
2. Martellante
Obsessive, psychological. Disquieting synth phrases over an insistent and hypnotic sequencer.
3. Big Endless
Commemorative synth over a persistent sequencer with a disturbing bass ostinato.
4. Crystals
Abstract, psychedelic. Disquieting synth notes and nervous sequencer over a suspended and ethereal pad.
5. Onirico
Dreamlike and psychological atmosphere. Synth, electronics, piano and effects over an insistent rhythm and a gloomy pad.
6. Opposition
Psychological, detective. Electronics, synth and piano over a flowing chillout beat.
7. Fatalmente
Tense, dramatic. Rarefied electronics and string phrases over an insistent sequencer and a static pad.
8. Parabolic
Positive, epic. Electronics and synth phrases over a commemorative and broad pad.
9. Ossessione
Pressing, insistent. Rarefied synth phrases and suspended effects over a static pad and obsessive sequencer.
10. Canyon
Purposeful, positive. Broad pads and an ethereal synth over a long pedal note and sparse percussion.
11. Quarks
Hallucinatory, disturbing. Tense electronics and synth phrases over a persistent and disquieting sequencer.
13. Industrial Dance
Broad, evocative. Electronics and sequencer in a commemorative and technological atmosphere.
15. Impact
Gloomy, ominous. Electronics, synth and pad over an insistent sequencer and regular rhythm in a tense atmosphere.
16. Observation
Suspended, ethereal. An evocative guitar and mellow pads over a gloomy pedal note and sparse percussion.
18. Lead
Creepy, scary. Disquieting and tense synth clusters with arpeggios by harp and sparse percussive effects.
19. Alchemy
Disquieting, insistent. Ominous and dramatic theme by strings over a persistent and obsessive piano pattern.
20. Formula
Creepy, disquieting. Mysterious and frightening string tremolos with sparse percussive effects.