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22 Tracks
1. Inspector
Disquieting, mysterious. Tense and detective-like tune with a slow and flowing rhythm.
3. Bloody Knife
Pressing, agitated. Tension and action with insistent percussion in a disturbing and furtive atmosphere.
4. Intrigue
Melancholic and sentimental tune with theme by strings over a slow rhythm in a cinematic atmosphere.
5. Fingerprint
full version
Furtive and tense tune with a detective-like and anxious atmosphere.
6. Fingerprint
Underscore version.
7. Crime Scene
Gloomy and disquieting atmosphere. Detective-like and tense tune with a furtive and mysterious atmosphere.
9. Theft
Tension and action. Scary string tremolos over a pressing and disturbing rhythm with a detective-like atmosphere.
10. Detention
Broad orchestral tune with an intense, dramatic and detective-like atmosphere over a slow rhythm.
12. Murder Weapon
Pressing and tense tune with a disturbing atmosphere and detective-like sounds.
13. Secret Agent
Nostalgic and melancholic tune with a sentimental atmosphere in a film noir style.
14. Covered Face
Gloomy and disturbing tune with disquieting strings and a pressing rhythm in a detective-like atmosphere.
15. Magnifying Glass
Furtive and detective-like atmosphere. Disquieting strings and sparse bassoon notes over a slow rhythm.
16. Officer
full version
Tense and disquieting tune with a detective-like and furtive atmosphere.
17. Officer
light version
Lighter version with sparse percussion.
19. Interrogation
Mysterious, tense. Furtive and detective-like tune with a slow and sparse rhythm.
20. Analysis
Ominous and disturbing atmosphere. Suspended strings and sparse panflute notes over a slow rhythm.
22. Spy Stories
Investigative, disquieting. Tense and ominous tune with a flowing rhythm in a "Spy Story" style.