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12 Tracks
1. Lighthearted
Positive and optimistic Pop tune with a carefree theme by guitar over a lively, flowing and danceable rhythm.
2. Find Me
Determined and powerful Rock tune. Warm guitar riffs and solos in an "on the road" atmosphere.
3. Night Rain
Elegant and delicate tune. An electric guitar dialogues with an acoustic guitar in a sentimental and dreamy atmosphere.
4. Sambaidea
Frisky and light-hearted samba. Joyful theme by electric guitar with a Latin arrangement and a virtuosic solo by electric piano.
5. Bright Images
full version
Delicate and sentimental Pop ballad. Introduction by sparse voices and electric guitar phrases over acoustic guitar arpeggios. Then, at 1'10'', a light and flowing rhythm.
6. Bright Images
light version
Lighter version with less percussion.
7. On the Road
Dynamic, positive and light-hearted Pop tune. Electric guitar and Hammond organ over a lively and flowing rhythm with a carefree atmosphere.
8. Freedom Routes
An acoustic guitar plays expressive themes and solos over strong chords in a medium Pop-Rock ballad.
9. Ways
Broad, evocative and panoramic tune with guitar themes and solos in a Pop-Fusion style. Carefree atmosphere.
10. Smooth Bossa
Elegant and refined Bossanova with a sentimental and romantic atmosphere. Expressive guitar themes and solos over a Latin accompaniment.
11. My Karma
full version
Elegant ballad in a Pop-Fusion style with a sentimental, romantic and passionate atmosphere.
12. My Karma
light version
Lighter version by acoustic guitar and pad, without rhythm.