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12 Tracks
1. Purple Clouds
Nostalgic, intimate. Theme with gradual crescendo starting with viola and cello over a cyclic chord sequence.
2. The Last Dream
Epic, intense. Broad theme by cello and then violin over evocative string harmonies.
3. Starless Sky
Melancholic, heart-rending. Violin and viola intersect with minor scales over a sequence of chords by strings in a Passacaglia style.
5. Elves
piano-strings version
Serene, soothing. Piano, vibraphone and strings evoke a naturalistic and sentimental atmosphere.
6. In Nature
Wide, emotional. Flute and string solos create a harmonious counterpoint over string backgrounds.
7. Time of Memories
Delicate, evocative. A hypnotic piano and harp sequence provides a harmonious backdrop for dialogue between solo strings and orchestra.
8. Wide Views
Wide, positive. Solo flute and strings express a positive atmosphere over a delicate string orchestra accompaniment.
9. Deep Inside
Tormented, disturbing. A sequence of string arpeggios gradually intertwine, culminating in a nostalgic and intense melody.
10. Remote Image
Sad, thoughtful. Long notes by a string quartet create a heart-rending and nostalgic atmosphere.
11. The Light of Darkness
Gloomy, intense. Piano arpeggios accompany solo melodies by cello and violin backed by string harmonies.
12. Love and Death
Static, original. A soprano sax dialogues with solo violin over inspiring string harmonies.