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19 Tracks
1. Horizons
full version
Joyful, positive. Dulcimer and bouzouki themes with kantele and strings background on a light rhythm.
2. Horizons
light version
Light Version
7. Migratory Birds
full version
Evocative, dreamy. Pan flute, guitar, and strings theme with harp and bouzouki background on a light rhythm.
8. Migratory Birds
light version
No arpeggios and rhythm version.
9. Flying Waltz
Ethereal, light. Waltz with dulcimer, oboe and flute themes on harp, pad, strings and choir background.
10. Winter Sky
full version
Magic, dreamy. Vibraphone and santur on harp background, then guitar theme on detached strings and light rhythm.
11. Winter Sky
no rhythm version
No rhythm version.
12. High Peaks
Evocative, panoramic. Flute and oboe themes on guitar and piano arpeggios and strings harmonies.
13. Solstice
Country, quiet, dynamic. Dulcimer, guitar and piano themes on harp, strings and percussion.
14. Underwood
full version
Quiet, dreamy. Evocative dulcimer, English horn and piano theme with harp and strings background on a light rhythm.
15. Underwood
light version
No harp and rhythm version
16. Ripples
full version
Wide, panoramic, epic. Strings, brass and clarinet theme with sequencer and light rhythm.
17. Ripples
light version
No rhythm and sequencer version.
18. Brilliant Sun
Positive, panoramic. Kantele, guitar and piano theme with guitar and dulcimer arpeggios on strings harmonies and light rhythm.
19. Wild Horses
Wide, quiet, positive. Kantele and pan flute theme with harp and strings on a light rhythm.
20. Dew
Quiet, bucolic, calm. Sweet ballade with themes by whistle, Celtic harp and erhu on a strings pad.
22. Cliff
Andante, positive. Folk themes by bouzouki, ethnic flute and bass flute on strings and pad harmonies with guitars and harp background.
23. Gentle Rain
full version
Melancholic, nostalgic. Flute, oboe and dulcimer themes on orchestral harmonies and background.
24. Gentle Rain
light version
No string version