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16 Tracks
1. Holy Night
Orchestral tune with a commemorative theme by a children's choir. Christmas atmosphere.
2. Under the Tree
Sweet and tender orchestral tune with a cozy and Christmas-like atmosphere.
3. Sleigh
Joyful and playful orchestral tune with a childish, fairy-like and Yuletide atmosphere.
4. Little Shepherd
The joy of Christmas. A children's choir sings a broad orchestral theme in a homey and serene atmosphere.
6. Mistletoe
Fantasy and fairy-like atmosphere. Delicate and serene ballad with a childish atmosphere.
7. Xmas Stars
main version
Solemn and commemorative Christmassy tune. A children's choir with an orchestral accompaniment.
8. Xmas Stars
alternate version
Version with a lighter arrangement, without the children's choir.
9. Always Welcome
Fairy-like and childish Christmassy tune. Delicate and sweet theme by children's choir over an orchestral background.
10. Blessed Night
Placid and serene orchestral tune with a religious and holy atmosphere.
11. Reindeers
Positive and serene ballad with a folk-pop flavour. Childish and fairy-like atmosphere.
12. Love and Peace
Broad and solemn orchestral tune with a holy and sacred Christmas-like atmosphere.
13. Bagpipers
Folk-pop, serene. Delicate orchestral tune with a childish and fairy-like atmosphere.
15. Crib
Commemorative and sacred orchestral tune with a sentimental and serene atmosphere.
16. Kids and Gifts
Positive and commemorative Yuletide ballad with a serene and homey atmosphere.