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10 Tracks
1. Marasca Dream
Emotions and inner thoughts percolate deep in the mind and soul. Contamination of styles from World to Progressive to Rock. Dreamy and evocative atmosphere.
2. Astrofunk
Funky tune evoking an astral dimension and a sense of exploration. Soaring guitar solo with a spatial atmosphere.
3. Sweet Rain in May
Flowing tune with a serene and ecstatic atmosphere in a Jazz and Fusion style with sax and guitar solos and improvisation.
4. Swan Horn
Rock and Progressive tune with atmospheres slipping between the evocative or panoramic and the agitated or mysterious. Rapturous phrases by guitar.
5. Byzantine
Tense and delirious tune utilizing a Byzantine scale, describing gloomy and dramatic atmospheres. A sense of desperate resignation emerges from the song.
6. Alien Flower
Rock tune with a steady and tranquil rhythm. The bass dialogues with the soprano sax and the duduk conjures an evocative and alien atmosphere.
7. Psychodelic
Evocative introduction. A short theme with oriental influences leads to kaleidoscopic visions in a contemplative and dreamy atmosphere.
8. Arbolica
Ethereal melodies over a strong 5/4 funk rhythm. The tune evokes broad horizons and travel-related atmospheres. The guitar solo leads to more earthy emotions.
9. Yerevan
Mysterious and exploratory ballad in a Rock style with contaminations of World and Progressive. Soprano sax and bassoon phrase over a steady rhythm, while guitar and tenor sax create an evocative atmosphere.
10. Gobekli Tepe
World-Progressive tune over a moderate and steady rhythm. Themes and improvisation by bassoon, saxophones and guitar over an ostinato figure by electric bass.