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22 Tracks
1. Concentric Waves
full version
The search for an inner dimension is softly and magically described with sparse flute phrases over an ethereal strings pad.
3. Disclosure
full version
The beginning of life, the wonders of Nature, flowers blossoming in an uncontaminated world. Peace and relaxation for the mind and spirit.
6. Slow Flames
full version
Contemplation and subtle perceptions. The magic of enveloping sounds created by flutes and pads over sparse percussion.
8. From the Water
full version
Relaxation and mystical worlds. The mind floats weightless and free into a peaceful dimension. Ethereal flutes over sparse pads.
10. Suspension
full version
Magical, fairy-like and mystical atmosphere. Sparse flutes, bells and light pads evoke relaxing and dreamy sensations.
13. Shaman
full version
Meditation and contemplation. Static and peaceful tune in a World Music style, creating a magical atmosphere.
15. Papaya
main version
Contemplative atmosphere and ethereal perceptions. Meditative and relaxing tune in a Zen atmosphere with sparse flutes, pads and arpeggios.
17. Steady Moments
The magic of life. Relaxing and contemplative tune with evocative flute phrases over a light strings pad, suitable for Nature. Fairy-like atmosphere.
18. Echo
full version
Peaceful, sweet, ethereal. Relaxing tune with a contemplative, soothing and sentimental atmosphere.
20. Sheer Mirror
full version
Ethereal, magical. Evocative, contemplative and intimate phrases performed by three flutes over a steady arpeggio and sparse pads.