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18 Tracks
1. Through Things
full version
Reflective, evocative and intimate tune in a New Age and Lounge style with a metropolitan atmosphere.
3. Belief
main version
Peaceful and tender medium-paced tune, suitable for homey situation and relaxing times. Evocative and dreamy atmosphere.
6. Ourselves
full version
Serene and peaceful medium-paced tune with a homey and relaxed atmosphere in a New Age style.
8. Brave Face
full version
Evocative, tender and peaceful medium-paced tune with a sentimental and elegant atmosphere.
9. Brave Face
light version
More rarefied and ethereal version without rhythm in a dreamy atmosphere.
10. Conscience
full version
Melancholic and evocative tune in a New Age style with a romantic atmosphere.
12. Confirming Words
full version
Broad and flowing tune with a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere, suitable for open spaces and countryside.
15. Sheer Look
full version
Broad and panoramic tune with a peaceful atmosphere in a New Age and Ambient style.
16. Sheer Look
no rhythm
More ethereal version without rhythm and with a dreamy atmosphere.
17. Vibrations of Life
full version
Flowing and panoramic tune in an environmental atmosphere with a flowing rhythm.