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16 Tracks
1. Bikers
full version
Dynamic and light-hearted tune with a flowing rhythm. Positive, optimistic and carefree atmosphere.
3. Country Road
full version
Serene and carefree tune with a bucolic atmosphere, suitable for leisure, journeys and nature.
5. White Dove
full version
Bucolic tune with a serene, flowing and placid atmosphere. At 1'29'' it becomes more evocative and dreamy, then at 1'56'' it is carefree and light-hearted.
7. Clap Your Hands
Positive, joyful, commemorative, friendly. Light-hearted theme by guitar alternated with an ethereal and sparse pad by staccato electric piano and hand claps.
8. In the Air
full version
Calm, serene, flowing tune suitable for pleasant moments spent outdoors with the family while admiring gorgeous landscapes.
10. Inclusion
full version
Intimate and evocative tune with a sentimental and contemplative atmosphere.
13. Home Life
full version
Barcarole with a pastoral flavour and a serene and childish atmosphere. At 0'47'' and 2'10'', atmosphere is broader with strings and piano.
15. Close to You
full version
Serene tune with a heart-warming and homey atmosphere. At 1'38'', a more evocative and intimate section until 2'58'', then returning to the initial tender and sweet mood.