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12 Tracks
1. Lands
Evocative and sentimental tune with an arpeggiated theme in a romantic atmosphere. Melancholic moods alternate with more positive phrases.
2. Red
Slow Waltz in an elegant and sentimental style. Contemplative and dreamlike theme with an evocative and intimate atmosphere.
3. Even
Melancholic, intimate. The piano theme expresses a sense of loneliness and sadness, yet alternating more positive and hopeful moments.
4. Flying
Wide, serene. Broad and positive theme which underlines a hopeful and optimistic context.
5. Sea
Elegant song with a dreamy, intimate and positive atmosphere that evokes memories and imagined journeys towards freedom and open spaces.
6. Doors
Intimate, melancholic. The song expresses an inner search surrounded by a contemplative and meditative atmosphere.
9. Indigo
Elegant tune with an intimate, dreamy, contemplative and sometimes fairy-like atmosphere.
10. East
Sentimental and contemplative Slow Waltz. Dreamy theme with an evocative and intimate atmosphere.
11. Travel
A journey towards serenity. Positive tune with a hopeful, confident and optimistic atmosphere.