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8 Tracks
13. Elusive
Ethereal, evocative. Dreamy themes and harmonies by violin with viola and cello phrases. At 0'40'' English horn theme. At 1'26'' wider with strings harmonies support.
14. Rejection
Evocative duduk intro. At 0'20'' sad strings harmonies dialogue until the end with rarefied piano phrases and light thematic lines by duduk.
15. Serenity
Quiet, serene. First part with romantic violin and piano theme, harp and strings pizzicato. At 0'51'' theme played by strings on a chamber background. At 1'32'' thematic piano intermezzo with violin phrases, then at 2'50'' opening violin theme until the end.
16. Purity
Dreamy, ethereal. Intro with theme and arpeggio by piano soloist supported at 0'50'' by serene strings harmonies. At 2'10'' final part more static with second theme by piano and strings.
18. Gathering
First part static and suspended with rarefied guitar arpeggios, pad and light percussion. At 1'07'' electric guitar phrases with more intense percussive effects and at 1'42'' strings harmonies with cello lines.
19. Mutable
Ethereal, dreamy. First part with evocative strings and oboe theme. At 0'59'' main theme played by piano with strings.
20. Chance
Intro with guitar arpeggios and light harmonies. At 0'33'' bucolic harp theme. At 1'00'' mosso with guitar background and evocative oboe theme until 1'35'', then starting theme again.