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20 Tracks
1. Parkour
Breezy, dynamic. On a fusion rhythm starts an elegant flute theme followed by a guitar solo and piano chords. At 1'03'' Hammond solo and synth phrases. At 1'26'' the same initial structure again.
2. Hand in hand
full version
Ethereal, refined. Dreamy introduction. At 0'32'' starts an elegant theme performed by sordino trumpet on a lounge background with sequencer and light rhythm.
3. Hand in hand
world version
World version with evocative phrases by choir, percussion and ethnic plectrums.
4. Camera-car
Dynamic. On a funky rhythm starts a theme, first performed by a saxophone section followed by an electric guitar solo with strings and brass answers. At 1'19'' flute theme on strings harmonies, then the initial sax themes again.
5. Heartbeat
Romantic. Electric guitar theme with strings answers on elegant guitar arpeggios and light rhythm.
6. Idol Kiss
Dynamic, mosso. Electric guitar chords on a pulsing rhythm in 80's style alternate with more romantic moments with guitar arpeggios and female whispered voice. At 2'39'' electric guitar solo until the end.
7. Emotion
full version
Romantic, elegant. Introduction with female vocals and virtuoso strings phrases. At 0'21'' begins a thematic dialogue by vocals and guitar until 0'58'', then synth phrases doubled by violins. In the ending the same structure as in the beginning.
8. Emotion
no vox version
No female voice version.
9. Trip
Positive, happy. Themes and solos by saxes alternate with electric guitar phrases and flute themes on guitar, clavinet and drums background.
10. Sun-tan
Romantic, serene. Sweet guitar theme on piano and rhythm background. At 0'27'' tenor sax theme with strings harmonies. A 1'24'' refined chords and theme by electric guitar, then tenor sax theme until the end.
11. For you
Dreamy, light. Quiet theme performed by ethnic flute and piano on rarefied guitar arpeggios and chillout rhythm.
12. Breezy
Serene, relaxing. Refined guitar theme on fender harmonies and light rhythm. At 0'48'' answers with flute and tenor sax solos until 1'32'', then after a short solo the guitar plays the initial theme until the end.
13. Happy Hour
Joyful, light-hearted. Intro with female voice on drums, piano, glockenspiel and strings. At 0'22'' theme by sordino trumpet with brass answers and funky rhythm. At 1'23'' and 2'54'' intermezzos with pizzicato strings and glockenspiel. At 3'16'' solo by tenor sax until the end.
14. My Life
Positive, serene. Refined themes performed by flute and brass section with piano harmonies on a fusion rhythm. At 1'34'' intermezzo with a solo by sordino trombone on soft strings harmonies.
15. Rendez-vous
Serene, quiet. Elegant and romantic tenor sax theme on a soft background by piano, guitar and light rhythm. A 0'44'' thematic answer by oboe. A 1'18'' intermezzo with guitar arpeggio and second evocative oboe theme, then at 2'15'' the same initial theme.
16. Up the Sky
sax version
Light, dreamy. Romantic expressions with light and evocative phrases by tenor sax and strings on piano, guitar and drum background. At 1'25'' short intermezzo with electric guitar solo and tenor sax answers.
17. Up the Sky
vocal version
Version with the theme performed by female voice.
18. Smile
Dynamic, joyful. Light-hearted thematic dialogue between tenor sax and violins on piano, guitar and funky rhythm background. At 1'17'' iterative string accents introduce a fine solo by tenor sax.
19. On the Beach
Serene, romantic. Quiet intro with piano arpeggio and tenor sax phrases on a chillout background with piano and light rhythm. At 0'39'' elegant guitar theme followed by the initial theme again. At 2'07'' wider with a sweet melody performed by strings and guitar.
20. Motorider
Dynamic, fast. Phrases and solos by synth lead with brass section and short choir lines on a strong and pulsing funky-rock rhythm.