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15 Tracks
1. Clever
Dynamic, fast. Themes played by synth and electronics with an iterative riffs by electric guitar on a pad background and a pressing rhythm.
2. Fly and Drive
Epic, commemorative. Wide and glorious theme by synth with french horn answers on a continuous sequencer, pad and choir.
3. Overdressed
Tense, dramatic. Synth and strings with french horns answers play a wide theme on a continuous and agitated sequencer and dramatic strings clusters.
4. Matchwinner
Rhythmic, andante. Vintage sound with synth and hammond organ background, alternated with light phrases by electronics, on a dense and dynamic rhythm.
5. Hot Ketchup
Energetic, determined. Dynamic tune in vintage style with synth and electronics, alternated with electric guitar riffs and an intense rhythm.
6. Open Space
Positive, wide. Epic and commemorative theme played by electronics and synth on a continuous sequencer and a wide pad.
7. Button Down
Dynamic, fast. Epic theme by electronics and synth on a dense and iterative sequencer, an ethereal pad and pressing rhythm. At 1'33'' refined and soulful sax phrases until 2'44'', then the same theme as the beginning
8. Orange Squash
Andante, rhythmic. Themes and assolos played by synth and electronics on a lounge background and a latin rhythm.
9. Fitness
Strong, assertive. Dialogue by synth and electric guitar in a vintage style with acid riffs and a rhythmic percussive pattern.
10. Go Kart
Pulsing, dynamic. Themes by electronics and synth with electric guitar chords on a pressing rhythm and a continuous sequencer. At 1'05'' and 3'23'' the rhythm becomes more intense.
11. Worry
Furtive, tense, mysterious. Suspended and rarefied electronics and synth themes with dramatic clusters on a leaping rhythm.
15. Spinning
Positive, dynamic. Bright and elegant dialogue among saxes in a fusion style with guitar and piano background and intense rhythm. At 1'05'' break with a frisky assolo by piano and guitar. Then at 2'25'' the same theme as the beginning.
16. Super Bowl
Rhythmic, bright. Exotic and energetic rhythm with vocal effects, synth, piano, hammond organ and flute in a typical funky style.
17. Overland
Determined, wide. Epic and commemorative theme by french horns on fast detaché by strings and pressing rhythm. At 1'06'' more static and suspended until 1'46'', then the same structure as the beginning.
18. Trucks
Tense, dramatic, epic. Wide theme by french horns on a determined ostinato by cellos and violins on a light rhythm. At 0'54'' and 2'24'' commemorative and positive synth phrases.