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16 Tracks
1. Nice People
Serene, positive. Elegant and delicate theme by piano in a romantic atmosphere.
2. Darling
Sentimental, quiet. Romantic theme by piano on ethereal pad, strings and light rhythm. From 0'58'' to 1'35'' and from 3'07'' until the end continuous sequencer and intense piano chords.
3. En Souplesse
Delicate, sweet. Flowing and evocative piano theme on light pad and ethereal synth lines.
4. Love Affair
Romantic, elegant. Impressionistic intro with piano theme and arpeggios. At 0'52'' thematic dialogue between harp, synth and piano on a soft pad in an intense and emotive atmosphere.
5. Romantic Keys
full version
Impressionistic intro with elegant theme and fast arpeggios by piano. At 1'08'' becomes quiet and romantic, then from 1'50'' the themes are played by synth on a wide pad. At 3'06'' romantic piano solo until the end.
7. Soft Opera
Elegant, serene. Intro by piano evolving in a classic style with a synth orchestra arrangement.
8. Fiction
Elegant and tender piano theme on light strings harmonies and piano fender alternated with more intense and dynamic moments with sequencer, synth and pulsing rhythm.
9. Honeymoon
Romantic, serene. Delicate and elegant moments with soft piano themes on light pad.
10. Diamonds
Mellow, sensual. Nostalgic atmosphere with emotive themes by piano and soprano sax.
11. Nite Scene
Soft, soulful. Jazzy atmosphere with elegant themes and improvisations by piano and soprano sax on sophisticated strings harmonies.
12. Transmitter
Elegant, cool. Dreamy atmosphere with soft phrases by piano and harmonica.
13. Last Monday
Tender, romantic. Soft and evocative theme by piano on a mellow pad and a light rhythm.
14. Please Call Lee
Elegant, cool. In a relaxed atmosphere a dreamy and jazzy theme by piano on a mellow pad, rarefied synth and light rhythm.
15. Little Falls
Melancholic, dreamy. Sentimental and evocative theme by piano and synth on a mellow pad and rarefied percussion.
16. Prospectives
Contemplative, dreamy. Elegant and soft themes by piano and synth on a light pad and rarefied rhythm. At 1'40'' harmonies and theme by strings. At 2'30'' and 4'06'' more intense rhythm.