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22 Tracks
1. Disorder
Tense, detective. Electronics, strings, synth and piano over a pressing rhythm with a dramatic and agitated atmosphere.
3. Big Confusion
full version
Psychedelic and chaotic atmosphere. Sequencer and synth with hallucinatory and confused sounds over a pressing rhythm.
5. Lost
Gloomy, tense. A dramatic pad, an obsessive sequencer and a despairing guitar in a psychological atmosphere.
6. Technotrance
Pressing, agitated. Trance and techno atmosphere with psychedelic sounds over a strong beat.
7. Phantoms
Frightening, tense. Psychedelic effects and dramatic clusters over an obsessive sequencer and sparse percussion.
8. Avvolgente
Gloomy, ominous. Electronics, synth and piano phrases over an insistent sequencer in a tense atmosphere.
9. Aggressione
Pressing, agitated. Sinister and frightening synth phrases over a dramatic string ostinato.
11. Corrosivo
Pressing, dramatic. Electronics, synth and sequencer in a gloomy and disturbing atmosphere.
12. Enigmatic
Detective and disturbing atmosphere. An insistent sequencer, dramatic chords by strings with sparse percussive effects.
13. Insonnia
Pressing, disturbing. Dramatic phrases by english horn and trumpet over an obsessive sequencer and an insistent rhythm.
14. Ecodramma
Ominous, martial. Disquieting and dramatic string phrases over an iterative and gloomy piano accompaniment.
15. Cold Day
Dramatic, gloomy. Disquieting and dissonant chords by strings over a creepy pad and an insistent piano.
16. Insistente
Dramatic, gloomy. Suspended synth phrases and frightening effects over an insistent and obsessive sequencer.
17. Polluzione
Dramatic and tense phrases by electronic instruments over an insistent sequencer and pressing rhythm.
18. Inquietante
Psychological, tense. Mysterious synth phrases over a gloomy and static pad and ominous percussion.
20. Immanente
Pressing, obsessive. Rarefied phrases by spinet over dramatic and insistent string chords.
21. Spietato
Hypnotic and dramatic atmosphere with repetitive synth phrases over a gloomy pad and obsessive rhythm.
22. Tenebroso
Obsessive, psychological. Synth, electric guitar and panflute over an insistent rhythm and static pad.