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54 Tracks
1. This Night
Determined, powerful. Themes and riffs in a pop-rock style.
2. The Sun can come out
Easy-going, positive. ''On the road'' rock sound with wah-wah guitar.
3. You make me
Easy-going, positive, optimistic. Wah-Wah guitar in a surfing ''West Coast'' sound.
4. It's clear
Deep, sentimental, intense. Melodic rock tune in pop-rock style.
5. Alone for a Day
Laid-back, positive. Rock tune with guitar themes on bass and drums in ''West Coast'' style.
6. Lab Sound Theme
Urban, psychological. Electric guitar theme alternated with evocative effects on a slow mood in a technological atmosphere.
7. Our Way
Dynamic, pressing. Hard rock mood with strong and powerful guitar riffs.
8. I'm still here
Tranquil, easy-going. Light-hearted tune in pop-rock style.
9. Hurricane
Pressing, dynamic. Guitar theme and solos on bass and drums in an urban atmosphere.
10. The Flower
Intense, sentimental. Acoustic intro, then electric and acoustic guitars in a psychedelic atmosphere.
11. Life doesn't stop
Optimistic, carefree. Easy-going and light-hearted pop-rock tune.
12. Many Times
Positive and dynamic rock tune with powerful riffs alternated with more relaxed phrases by electric guitar.
13. A Secret
main version
Positive, happy. Riffs and guitars in a cool pop-rock mood.
14. A Secret
acoustic version
Acoustic version.
15. The Art of Improvising
Pressing, frenetic. Electric guitar themes and riffs on a fast and aggressive rhythm in hard rock style.
16. To forget
In a pop-rock atmosphere strong chords by electric guitar on a rhythmical drums pattern are alternated with more melodic moments with sentimental guitar phrases.
17. A little more
Tough, determined. Acid guitar riffs on bass and drums in an aggressive hard rock style.
18. Trust in me
Determined, tough. Guitar themes and riffs in a classic rock atmosphere.
31. A Secret
30s cut
30'' cutdown version.
32. A Secret
30s cut
30'' cutdown version.
49. A Secret
15s cut
15'' cutdown version.
50. A Secret
15s cut
15'' cutdown version.