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66 Tracks
1. Printemps
Impressionistic and fairy-like atmosphere. Delicate and tender piano theme with dreamy arpeggios.
2. Le ruisseau
Rhapsodic, soulful. Delicate piano phrases alternated with intense moments in an impressionistic atmosphere.
4. La rosee
Brilliant, animated. Ironic piano theme on insistent accompaniment in a fairy-like atmosphere.
5. Arabesque
Impressionistic, psychological. Suspended atmospheres alternated with more passionate piano phrases.
6. Nuvole
Delicate, contemplative. Reflective and intimate piano theme in impressionistic style.
7. Egloga
Dreamy, contemplative. Intimate and sentimental piano theme in a placid atmosphere.
8. Serenata insistente
Sentimental, thoughtful. Delicate and elegant piano theme in impressionistic style.
10. Cavalluccio di legno
Graceful and mischievous. Ironic piano theme with a leaping accompaniment.
11. Idillio allo stagno
Sweet, dreamy. Elegant and delicate piano theme in a contemplative and intimate atmosphere.
13. Il giardino delle fate
Contemplative, intimate. Dreamy and delicate chords in a fairy-tale atmosphere.
14. Soldatini di piombo
Rhythmical, mosso. Ironic and bizarre march in a contemporary style.
15. Dormeuse
Sweet, tender. Sentimental and contemplative lullaby in a dreamy and fairy atmosphere.
16. Capriccio
Abstract, dissonant. Fast and virtuosistic scales alternated with more static moments in a contemporary style.
22. Allegro molto
Disquieting, rhapsodic. Virtuosistic piece in a contemporary style.