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15 Tracks
Irish Coffee
full version
Light-hearted and lively tune with a positive, carefree and fun atmosphere in an Irish style.
Going Home
Relaxed, evocative. Slide and electric guitars, fiddle and rhythm section create an intense and flowing song.
By the Fire
Relaxed, evocative. Guitar arpeggios, slide and electric guitars, mandolin and rhythm section create an intense and intimate ballad.
Two Steps
Bouncy, light-hearted. Fiddle and guitars play over an incisive rhythmic groove in a lively and relaxed Western song.
Tender Band
full version
Traditional, romantic. A sweet, yet ironic, song with a lovely theme played by fiddle and harmonica over honky tonk piano, banjo and rhythm section.
Old Times
Fun, frisky. Piano, banjo, strumming guitar, fiddle and a strong rhythm play an "Old West" style song.
Country Waltz
full version
Sweet, romantic. A lovely guitar theme and an inspired fiddle with mandolin, honky tonk piano and barrel organ create a delicate country waltz.
Sensual, evocative. Guitar arpeggios and sparse interventions of violin and slide guitar over a light rhythm create a relaxed but intense atmosphere.
Relaxed Ride
Intense, evocative. Delicate electric and acoustic guitars alternate with fiddle in a flowing and nostalgic song.
Traditional, fun. Harmonica, fiddle, slide guitar, and an exciting rhythm create a traditional atmosphere that builds towards a lively ending.
You're Better
Intense, evocative. Guitar arpeggios, electric and acoustic guitars and hammond organ, alternating with fiddle, in a delicate yet intense song.
Faster Run
Ironic, winking. Fiddle violin, banjo and slide guitar play over a lively rhythm, creating a saloon or dance party atmosphere.
Drunk Driver
Relaxed, drunk. An ironic and delicate waltz with sparkling guitars, honky tonk piano and a bouncy bass.
Crazy Rodeo
Frenetic, dynamic. Lively tune in a traditional ''rodeo'' atmosphere.